New peeps!

Araucana chicks sleeping in a pile

I can hardly believe it myself! Yesterday I came home empty handed except for a container of honey, my mind buzzing with the rantings of crazy chicken people, and tonight I am the chuffed owner of eight purebred Araucana chicklets!

After yesterday’s failed blue egg chicken mission, I had another look on Gumtree and found a promising ad. I rang the following morning and this afternoon saw me driving about 50k’s north along the Darling scarp until I got to Jo’s place. Naturally I got every red light but Jo didn’t seem to mind my being a little late. She was lovely, very friendly and happy to answer all of my questions. She had the most beautiful array of heritage breeds, including gorgeous little Plymouth Rocks with the black and white barred feather pattern, and silver- and gold-laced Wyandottes. They look as fancy as they sound! And with the softest feathers…

She also had the most pure white ducks I have ever seen – Pekins. As well as gorgeous quail – the egg she showed me was just too pretty to be real! I was so tempted to bring home more than just my blue egg babies, but with an immense exertion of willpower, I held myself back. Jo had two different hatchings of Araucanas together in one cage, so I took four of the biggest chicks (apparently eight weeks old) and four younger ones (five weeks old). They seem so tiny for their age, but I have never had bantams before so maybe this is normal.

On the drive home I could not stop myself from peering into the peeping box on the passenger seat, and smiling. When I got them home, I set them up in their own little pen inside the coop, so they won’t get picked on by the older chickens. After feasting on their baby food, they all went to sleep in a pile between the wall and the straw-lined box I had put in there for just that purpose. The little ones burrowing underneath the older ones for warmth. So bloody cute!

Eight chicks should give me a fair chance of getting some hens, I hope, and then blue eggs! I just can’t believe I’ve got Araucanas at last. This is one happy chicken lady tonight.


4 thoughts on “New peeps!

  1. I can so relate to your excitement! Crazy isn’t it? Thanks for commenting on my blog…I’ll follow you and we’ll see how our blue eggers fair… Yours will be laying before mine, seeing that I don’t even have mine yet. I’m happy for you! : )

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