Don’t ever count your chickens

Araucana chick with foot splint

A few days after the new blue babies arrived, this little chap, the smallest of the lot, developed a bad case of crooked toe. So I made him the world’s tiniest foot splint!

Araucana chicks in their pen

The first few days with new chicks are just this lovely blissful time, where everything is right with the world. They seem so tough, hooning around and miraculously not getting hurt… you get complacent. Then something goes wrong and I can’t look at them the same way after that. They’re not just cute little puffballs anymore. I’m a worrier by nature and tend to get a tad obsessive, constantly checking for miniature disasters. Every brood of chicks I have to relearn not to count my chickens!

Sleepy chick with foot splint

I thought this chap’s foot was broken, but the toes are just very badly curled inwards. Thankfully I can do something to try and help, and hopefully his munted little toes might come good in time. I just straightened them out as best I could, then sandwiched them between two tiny cut-outs of adhesive elastoplast, which I always have on hand to wrap/poultice the horses’ feet. The splint makes him move wonky, like a duck baby, but other than getting a bit tired from all the handling, he seems to be doing fine.


6 thoughts on “Don’t ever count your chickens

  1. Thanks! It is a pretty nifty idea, seems to be working well! According to the lady who sold them to me, the smaller ones are six weeks now, the bigger ones nine weeks old… But they just look so small to me! I’ve never raised bantams before so have no idea really. How about you?

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