The big guy loves his stall

J in his stall

This is Jonathon in his favourite place. He is a horse that is usually grumpy and hates most things – he hates the heat, he hates the rain, he hates his rugs, he hates the flies. He is super lazy. He loves his stall. He’ll willingly put himself away, anytime you leave the stall door unlatched.

J in stall again

He genuinely seems to enjoy it in there, particularly in the heat of the day when the thick rammed-earth walls make it a pretty cool place to hang out. I reckon rammed-earth is even better than double-brick for insulating against extremes in heat and cold. It makes for a pretty awesome stable, even if the floor is just compacted earth and not properly level, and the roof insulation is falling out thanks to rodent traffic – I just wish we owned it! I love how it feels like a cave.

J in stall

Funny old boy. Gaining comfort from small spaces is not natural horse behaviour, so maybe its just a leftover habit from his racing days, all those years ago… I guess even horses tend to seek out what’s familiar. Sometimes he will even nudge the gate shut behind him: Do not disturb!

Two in the stall

The two horses have started hanging out together in the same stall. Calais, the little guy, has never liked confinement and we rarely stable them at night anymore, so its pretty funny to see him choose to go in there, just to be with Johnny. They really are bonded very close. Geldings seem to have that capacity for true platonic friendship that mares and stallions lack somewhat – perhaps the hormones get in the way?

I think they’re rather sweet.


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