Scratch, cackle and hop!

Johnny and the berks

How best to distract the chickens from trying to access the tack area, for the express purpose of leaving me a fresh turd to step in… I know I shouldn’t walk around the property in my thongs, but honestly its as if the chickens know in advance that I’m going to wear them, and they position their deposits accordingly. So, we have started a compost heap out in the middle of the paddock, for a couple of reasons.

Sir and the girls out in the paddock

The new satellite manure pile will make it easier to spread the end-product soil on the paddocks once its cooked. Gotta love that. I’m such a fan of easy, particularly when the alternative is endless filling, pushing and emptying of an uncooperative wheelbarrow. Also, it has actually encouraged the chickens to wander a bit further when they are let out of their coop, to give us a hand to turn the pile! Or at least grace the paddock with their droppings. Let’s face it, their little manure deposits are of little use to us around the hay roll, in the breezeway or in the horses’ stalls, where they usually like to hang out!

Naughty chickens. Its like they know.

helmet full of heggs

Oh well, we always forgive them!


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