A bird in the hand

Araucana chick in hand

This is my favourite little blue egg baby – Munty, as I have taken to calling him, because of his munted little toes. We don’t generally name chickens, but I can’t help myself with this cute little chap! His sleepy eyes and slow, waddling walk make him easy to tell apart from the others, who are all super perky and hyperactive. Araucanas are lovely looking birds. At this stage they look less like chickens and more like little doves, and they hop on and off their perches like oversized canaries. I really enjoy watching them. I am such a chicken nerd!

Araucana escapee and friend

A few have “escaped” into the larger coop area, while I have the top of their pen open to sweep it out and refill the waterer and feeder. The escapees seem to get a bit anxious after a while and rejoin the rest of their own accord. They are going to need more room very soon though.

A rather excited escapee fanging around inside the chickens' den

A rather excited escapee fanging around
outside the chicks’ pen

Little Munty had the worst case of crooked toe I’ve ever seen in one of our chicks. I took the mini splint off his foot about a week ago, and while the toes aren’t perfectly straight, they are a lot better than they were and he walks pretty much normally. All that extra handling to deal with his dodgy foot has made him by far the calmest of the lot to pick up. He is also rather slow and therefore easier to capture! And so I tend to pick him up more often than the others. Oh well. Hopefully “he” will turn out to be a hen and can live happily ever after with us, laying blue eggs! And setting a nice calm example for the other little hooligans.


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