United by mud

muddy footprints

This is what our place looks like at the moment. Trust me, it smells far worse than it looks! The sucking mud reduces all species to struggling feet. Whenever I think longingly of winter rain during the hotter months, the mud factor is inevitably edited out. This past weekend, my four year old niece actually got stuck in a mud sink-hole. It was hilarious! But also bizarre, to think the mud was so deep it could ensnare a small bossy girl and illicit cries of “Help! Help!

I’ll happily take mud over summer dust any day, even if it does reek of actual piss, but when the paddocks are this sloppy it makes working the horses impossible. One day I will get the indoor arena of my dreams… Until then, I will live in my gumboots and deal with hyperactive horses during weeks of relentless rain. It could always be worse!


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