Hayburners playing with their food

Our two horses will demolish a 6’x4′ hay roll in a week. They burn through all the best bits, leaving everything else. This is Calais digging his way through a round bale we put in the paddock for them just … Continue reading

When kangaroos attack… your fences

We had a bit of a run-in last night with a mob of kangaroos hell-bent on wrecking the fencing and spooking the horses and waking up the bloody rooster. There were six, seven roos, maybe more. As usual, a small … Continue reading

Flagging around

Australia Day 2013

So its Australia Day…

Jonathon yawning

We will be celebrating by avoiding all the drunken yobs in town, who appear to think today is an excuse to drink in public, dressed in little more than the Australian flag, and act like shouty, belligerent idiots. Their idea of Australia is not mine. Its not all tans and beaches.

Yeah, we’ll have some lamb for tea in recognition of modern, white Australia being built on sheep (and wheat) production. “Invasion Day” aside, without colonial conquest I (being of Scottish and English heritage) would not be living here today and I think I’d much rather be born working class in Australia than Britain. Despite the heat.

Look out! Shark!

That said, my partner and I do have a (rented) home among the gum trees, which we love. Although we might dream about moving to places with cooler climates and more affordable property, I dunno whether we’d make sense anywhere else.

So this afternoon I might plant the corn, rockmelon and basil seedlings I bought this morning, and then take the horses for a walk. There will be no flag-wielding involved!

mini-horses and chickens Jan 2013 068

Probably watch a bit of chicken tv… Those little babies are ridiculously active and the other chickens are rather fascinated. Hilarious.

mini-horses and chickens Jan 2013 023

Would be lovely to spend the evening sitting outside on the verandah reading my new horror book and enjoying the… serenity. My partner may join me with his new horror book. A few beers may also be involved. Of course.

Yeah, we’re pretty exciting young people.

mini-hoof trims and new chicks Jan 2013 623