Grass is greener

grass is greener

Our electric fence battery keeps running flat. The horses have discovered they can push on the electric wire braid until it sinks to the ground, and step over it into the promised land of growing grass. They’ve busted into the pasture four times over the past couple of weeks. I can’t hold it against them, I’d do the same if I were a bored horse in a sand run with lush green grass just a hot wire away. Particularly if the hot wire is only hot a very little of the time.

It’s my own fault really. I’ve recently extended the horses’ run so they can shelter under some trees, which is good because they don’t spend all day hanging around the shade of the stables. Unless it’s really hot or there’s heavy rain, they prefer natural shade. But it does mean the electric wire frequently makes contact with tree trunks and shorts out, running down the battery within a day or two.

It’s annoying but once I have covered the tricky bits with more lengths of old hose as an insulator, it shouldn’t be too bad. There are always other jobs to do and this one has just fallen by the wayside. Until I fix it up, let the escapees have their fun.

Johnny on the other side of the fence

From what I can tell, Calais uses Johnny as a sort of battering ram to test the electric and push it down, pretty clever. Though he’s not always keen to follow Johnny across that wire once its down. He’s stepped on a live wire before, and he remembers the bite.

Calais confused on the other side of the wire

You can sense how pleased Jonathon is, to be out of range of the bossy little bum-biter, for a brief while. Until I catch him and return him to the run.

Johnny on the forbidden pasture

He was happy to come willingly this time, good naughty boy!