The perils of being a pasture cat

cat chase

Don’t get in the way of a grazing animal and his grass!

cat runs away

Yeah, our cat is kind of odd. She likes to chew grass in the paddocks sometimes, along with the horses. She also treats the horses’ water trough like a gigantic cat water bowl. I can’t wait for the day she loses her balance and falls in!

When we first moved out bush she hated the stables and despite being an excellent mouser and ratter in the city, she was not the least bit keen on helping us keep the mice in check out here. The horses were fascinated and loved to sniff her, vacuuming her head with their massive snorty nostrils. You can imagine how much she liked that. She would mewl pathetically if we left her outside too long. What a wuss.

She gradually came around though. Now she loves to camp out on top of the round bales by the water tank, waiting for rodent prey. She will sit there for hours, pretending to be a panther. It also keeps her out of reach of the chickens – yep, she’s still a bit scared of them. To be fair, they are much bigger than her.

Here she is last winter. A proper farm cat with the spoils to prove it!